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Pacific Dermatology, PC offers general dermatology services for all ages.
A partial list of services includes:

Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of rashes

Treatment of acne in children, adolescents and adults

Evaluation and removal of moles and suspicious lesions

Cosmetic mole removal

Treatment of warts

Treatment of leg veins and small veins on the face and chest.

Treatment of lentigos (also known as liver spots)

Laser hair removal for all skin types


Psoriasis is a chronic disease affecting the skin and often the joints. About 7.5 million Americans over 2% of the U.S. population ­ have psoriasis. It can range from one or two annoying patches to a full body rash, and anything in between. Each case is unique and requires individualized treatment. Available treatments include topicals (creams, ointments, foams, etc), oral medications, specialized light therapy and various newer inject­able biologics which reduce the activity of the immune response that leads to psoriasis. Dr. Badiei has extensive experience utilizing all of these treatments. With over two decades of experience treating psoriasis, Dr. Badiei will work with you to develop a treatment suited to your needs and preferences.



Lasers are now used commonly to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, both cosmetic and otherwise. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), though different from laser light, can be used to treat many of the same conditions as laser. Both technologies have their advantages, depending on the condition and an individual’s skin type. Pacific Dermatology, PC is pleased to offer both laser and IPL treatment for many skin conditions, including excessive hair growth, spider leg veins, pigmented sunspots (“liver spots”), the redness of rosacea, and dilated facial veins. We are the only clinic in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area to utilize the state ­of­ the ­art DEKA Synchro FT laser/IPL treatment platform. When choosing a laser/IPL treatment center, consider the credentials of the treating or supervising physician. Is he/she Board Certified in the treatment of skin conditions?